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providing every woman infinite opportunity to reach their potential

We pride ourselves on the concept that we are a boutique type studio with a focus on providing a personal and nurturing experience to your health, fitness and well-being.

Our friendly qualified instructors are here to provide and supervise a 30 minute quick and efficient strength and conditioning interval training circuit. We also offer group fitness classes and personal training one on one.

We assess each patron and custom tailor an exercise program to provide a healthy weight loss plan and nutritional guidance pending on ones needs. We aim to get the maximum results in the shortest time possible.


experience infinity 360

  • 30 min quick and efficient circuit workout
  • 6 week assessment and weights evaluation and program modification
  • Personal training
  • Weight Loss Consulting\Management.
  • Indoor- Outdoor Classes. 
  • Group Fitness Classes- Boxing, Pilates, Kettle Bells, Step, Body Balance Stretch & more…
  • 6 Week Challenges 
  • Circulation Booster– Works on women’s stubborn problem area to reduce cellulite and optimize blood flow


success stories


“The trainers at Infinity360 have motivated and guided me along this process which in turn has helped to strengthen my self-esteem and self-perception. I’ve learnt to re-embrace my love for sport and appreciate the myriad of health benefits it has to offer.”


“It’s so important for me and all diabetes alike to exercise, it has helped me feel more energetic, agile and well and looking good too!!! I love the trainers and the gym, I’ve been to many gyms before over the years but this has been the best one, and good for me.”

Angie Wallis

“I am extremely lucky in having such a wonderful and inspiring personal trainer who understands what I am going through. Linda has encouraged me all along the way. She has shown me how beneficial exercise is and has given me a range of different exercises to keep me fit and flexible and to counteract the effects of my treatment.”

Amalia Hales

“The combination of Linda providing advice on my exercise program and Di providing informative sessions and food coaching has been brilliant. Their guidance has helped me to achieve my goals. The team at Infinity 360 Health & Fitness have done wonders for my mental and physical well being. I absolutely love this place.”



for your diary


for your diary

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leader of helping women to become stronger
* pocket rocket, energizer bunny
*challenging, enthusiastic,

I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years predominantly working with women and women’s health and fitness.
I am a Master Functional, Rehabilitation strength Coach & Pilates Instructor

Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer / Osteopath
aka ‘ smiling assassin ‘
*focus on mobility training to maximize performance
*classes designed around basic strength based movement patterns
Bubbly Bec
* high energy, bubbly, musical, diverse and dynamic
* cheeky and always up for a laugh and a sing along
* passionate about womens fitness
* great love for boxing and strength based training



  • Sanitize your hands and sign in at the front desk

  • Grab alcohol wipe to take around with you

  • Do a fabulous workout and wipe down all surfaces you’ve come into contact with

  • Sign out on  your way out

  • Pilates has arrived! Check the timetable to ensure you can attend one of these classes

  • Thinking about joining a gym but want to trial first?

  • Trialing the gym for 2 weeks is  a great way to see how you can add the gym into your lifestyle

  • Bali Wellness Retreat 2020

  • Fitness made fun

  • Thank you everybody for coming to our Bush fire Fitness Class. Together we raised just over $1000

  • Supporting our local community

    Diamond Creek Diamond Creek Trail / Wetlands Walk

    Park Run 5km on Saturday 8:00am

    New Netball Facilities

    Eltham Farmers Market Sunday 8-12:00pm weekly

    For more information about jump on to Diamond Creek Traders Association


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